Graphic designer and typographer, Charles Daoud serves a clientele made up of SMEs, large companies, professional firms and advertising agencies, in Quebec and abroad. Internationally, he became known for his collaborations with the giants Netflix and Brocade, as well as for his fonts downloaded by more than a million users – including the popular Dense. In 2017, he led the development of the Radio-Canada police in collaboration with the public broadcaster – a project awarded a Grand Prix Grafika and published on the cover of the annual typography Communication Arts. He was also one of the 15 Canadian Graphic Designers to follow on the MIJLO design reference blog.

Charles Daoud is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and typographer that works with a wide variety of SMEs, large corporations, firms and advertising agencies across the province of Quebec and abroad. He is internationally recognized for his work with major clients, such as Netflix and Brocade, as well as his innovative typefaces, including the ever-popular Dense, which have been downloaded by over 1,000,000 users. In 2017, he led the development of the Radio-Canada typeface, in collaboration with the public broadcastera project that earned him a Grafika Grand Prix as well as not only being published in the Communication Arts Typography Annual, but also making its cover. He was also featured as one of the “15 Canadian Graphic Designers to Follow” by MIJLO, an industry-leading design blog.


Radio-Canada, Netflix, Brocade, Pomerleau, Aveva, David’s Tea, Montoni, Thibarmy, Ballistic Management, DKA Architects, Déeason, Falafel Avenue, Macadam, DWB Consultants, Fondaction, Helen Falls, HGregoire, Mango Software, Groupe LDL, 30 & 1, Pascal Labelle, Tenecs Software, Priska & Co, Trudel Johnston & Lespérance, Vaalv, CRM Desjardins, Andalos and more / and more.

Companies using my fonts

Radio-Canada, Netflix, National Football League, Major League Baseball, HBO, Microsoft, CBS, Sony Music Entertainment, AMC Network, L Brands, McDonald’s Canada, Red Bull and many more .